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Overview Of Ozone Urbana Avenue

Ozone Urbana Avenue is a lifestyle residential project coming up proximate to BIAL, Devanahalli, North Bangalore.

Ozone Urbana Avenue is part of Ozone Urbana, Largest Integrated Township of Bengaluru offering luxury residential units within a wide developmental area in the midst of the Soothe location.

Ozone Urbana Avenue provides options of 2, 2. 5, 3 BHK Apartments along with option of Duplex and Penthouse Specially designed so that residents can enjoy privacy even though they are the part of this community venture.

2BHK units of Ozone Urbana have wide inter partion space within every individual unit with separate balcony for each unit. 2BHK units are available with the SBA ranging from (1205 sq ft- 1320 sqft).Units with wider SBA have dual balconies included in them so that residents can enjoy their leisure with a cup of tea enjoying the surrounding nature.

2.5 BHK units of Ozone Urbana is designed similar to 2BHK apartments with extra partion reserved as study room providing a isolated area to complete their task and refresh their mind with suitable information very common in recent developments . 2.5 BHK units are available in SBA (1357 sqft-1570 sqft) 3BHK units have the SBA with range (1548 sqft-1950 sq ft) with more space for reserved for the balcony and the living area attached with a Dining Hall.

Duplex Units of Ozone Urbana provides an option of private garden in the Ground Floor. Three bedrooms all attached with a individual bathrooms will be the part of Upper floor of this luxury duplex units so that space is efficiently managed. Master Bedroom leads to balcony located in the side way. Ground Floor is designed to have separate maid’s room and an additional bedroom included in them.

This residential marvel is spread across a 150 acres of wide developmental area. 22 residential blocks along with a clubhouse is surrounded by the colossal green belt covering the periphery of the whole Developmental Area .Maximum percentage of this large development area is preserved as open space providing a sophisticated environment for the residents. Residents of Ozone Urbana Avenue can move along freely within this wide spread landscape area under the shelter of wide spread canopies formed by the natural environment. Various types if amenities is been included within this wide spread landscape area making this a perfect residential venture.


Ozone Urbana Avenue is located proximate to Bengaluru International Airport, Devanahalli North Bengaluru. This Mega Venture is located in a few km from NH-7 (Bengaluru-Hyderabad Highway). These two factors are major cause for the constant up gradation of the local infrastructure and one of prime residential sectors of Bengaluru.

Ozone Urbana Avenue, since its located in the peripheral part of Bengaluru, and naturally in an higher altitude and also proximate to Nandi Hills, one of the coolest place in South India due to its geographic position, contribute in forwarding the cool breeze to the surrounding location making this best residential choice who loves to live isolated from the regular traffic, but still are able to connect to the major parts of the city within fair enough time.

National Highways, Wide Express ways connecting to International Airport surrounding this location is been the major transport links to the locations from other parts of the city. Apart from this a recent proposal for the addition of Namma Metro Line, Especially to the BIAL from other zones of the city will be the future revolution in the transport, which is an efficient option both in terms of time management and a suitable options which fetches suitable returns to the investments.

About the Builder:

We at Ozone group are committed to providing you a better quality of life and redefining the standard of living through innovative real estate products. We distinctively differentiate ourselves through our committed focus on three core values – Customer Centricity, Quality and Transparency. We have consistently stood at the forefront of design, raising the bar for functionality, infrastructure and eco-friendliness.

Our offerings range from residential condominiums, row houses, villas, serviced apartments, hotels, resorts, spas, business parks, mixed-use development, integrated townships and even retail malls. Our projects are currently being developed in Bangalore, Chennai and Goa.


Ozone Urbana Avenue Location Map

Ozone Urbana Avenue Master Plan

Ozone Urbana Avenue Price

Unit Type Saleable Area Rate Per Sq Ft Rate
2 BHK 1,080 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 66.63 Lakhs
2 BHK 1205 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 76.06 Lakhs
2 BHK 1260 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 77.22 Lakhs
2 BHK 1320 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 80.75 Lakhs
2.5 BHK 1357 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 81.62 Lakhs
2.5 BHK 1359 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 81.62 Lakhs
2.5 BHK 1366 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 82.14 Lakhs
2.5 BHK 1393 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 83.70 Lakhs
2.5 BHK 1403 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 84.28 Lakhs
2.5 BHK 1410 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 84.68 Lakhs
2.5 BHK 1437 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 86.24 Lakhs
2.5 BHK 1401 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 84.16 Lakhs
2.5 BHK 1450 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 88.40 Lakhs
2.5 BHK 1505 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 91.64 Lakhs
2.5 BHK 1510 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 91.93 Lakhs
2.5 BHK 1517 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 90.86 Lakhs
2.5 BHK 1523 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 91.21 Lakhs
2.5 BHK 1529 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 91.55 Lakhs
2.5 BHK 1542 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 92.31 Lakhs
3 BHK 1529 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 94.44 Lakhs
3 BHK 1548 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 92.65 Lakhs
3 BHK 1550 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 94.28 Lakhs
3 BHK 1568 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 93.81 Lakhs
3 BHK 1570 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 95.55 Lakhs
3 BHK 1555 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 93.06 Lakhs
3 BHK 1579 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 94.44 Lakhs
3 BHK 1630 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 98.99 Lakhs
3 BHK 1645 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 99.87 Lakhs
3 BHK 1658 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 99.01 Lakhs
3 BHK 1665 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.01 Crores
3 BHK 1675 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.01 Crores
3 BHK 1680 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.01 Crores
3 BHK 1690 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.08 Crores
3 BHK 1715 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.03 Crores
3 BHK 1725 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.04 Crores
3 BHK 1765 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.06 Crores
3 BHK 1800 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.08 Crores
3 BHK 1815 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.09 Crores
3 BHK 1950 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.17 Crores
3 BHK 1925 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.16 Crores
3.5 BHK Duplex 2185 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.36 Crores
3.5 BHK Duplex 2190 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.37 Crores
3.5 BHK Duplex 2375 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.45 Crores
3.5 BHK Duplex 2570 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.56 Crores
3.5 BHK Duplex 2645 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.59 Crores
3.5 BHK Duplex 2655 Sq. Feet Rs. 5240 1.60 Crores

Ozone Urbana Avenue Amenities

Ozone Urbana Avenue Amenities

Ozone Urbana Avenue Specifications

Urbana Avenue 2, 2.5, 3 B/R Apartments, Duplexes & Penthouses - Specifications

  • Seismic Zone II compliant structure.
  • RCC framed structure
  • Solid concrete block work.
  • All internal walls plastered with smooth finish.
  • Fire escape staircase provided as per norms.
Painting/ Polishing
  • Interior: Oil bound distemper/ emulsion paint
  • Exterior: Exterior weather resistant paint/ anti-fungal paint.
  • Ceiling: Oil bound distemper.
  • Enamel paint for MS grill.
  • Two passenger lifts in each block (including one stretcher-friendly).
  • Elegant floor lobbies with vitrified tiles/ natural stone.
Water supply/ Plumbing
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Sewage treatment plant (STP) and Water treatment plant.
  • All water supply lines are of CPVC.
  • All plumbing lines will be pressure tested.
  • Sewer lines will be of UPVC.
  • Fire resistant electrical wires.
  • Elegant modular electrical switches - Anchor Roma or equivalent.
  • For safety, one earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) in every apartment.
  • One miniature circuit breaker (MCB) for each circuit provided at the main distribution box in every apartment.
  • One TV point each in the living room and master bedroom.
  • Power back-up for lighting circuits for every apartment.
  • 100% power backup for common areas and utilities.
  • One telephone point each in living room and and all bedrooms.
  • One AC point in master bedroom.
  • Main Door: Hard wood door frame with designer flush doors Wood door frame with flush shutter for bedrooms/ toilets with enamel paint/ laminate
  • Anodised/ Powder coated aluminium track sliding door with plain glass for all windows and provision for mosquito mesh
  • Brass/ Chrome hardware with magic eye and night latch for main door
  • MS grills for windows
  • Superior quality 2’x 2’ vitrified tiles for living, dining and bedrooms and kitchen.
  • Ceramic tiles for balcony and utility.
  • Plumbing points and electrical points in kitchen.
  • Provision for exhaust fan/ electric chimney.
  • Cladding with glazed tiles above kitchen platform (up to 2 feet high)
  • Provision for washing machine and sink in utility
  • Good quality CP fittings
  • Water purifier point in kitchen
  • Superior quality anti-skid ceramic tile flooring for all toilets
  • Wall-mounted wash basin in all toilets
  • Glazed ceramic tiles dado (up to 7 feet height)
  • Superior quality wall-mounted EWC and flush tank in all toilets
  • Hot and cold water mixer unit for shower in all toilets
  • Health faucet in all toilets
  • Provision for geyser in all toilets
  • Good quality CP fittings - Jaguar or equivalent
  • Anodised/ Powder coated aluminium ventilators with translucent glass
  • Provision for exhaust fan in all toilets
  • False ceiling in all toilets

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